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Minimum CRM,
Maximum Experience!

Fully-featured CRM software that helps growing sales without spending a fortune.
Minimum CRM lets you achieve more without frustration.

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Easily manage your sales with drag & drop sales pipeline

Increase your revenue potential by easily managing deals in the sales pipeline thanks to the drag and drop feature.

Bring the right product to the right customer at the right time by effectively managing your deals through the sales pipeline. Easily track the priority, deadline and sales stages of all your deals on the sales pipeline with your team.

Analyze your sales values ​​on the dashboard by filtering your deals according to many criteria. Take decisions that are based on data to make a difference in sales management.

Maximum Experience

Minimum CRM offers companies advanced CRM features required to be successful in customer relationship management with an easy-to-use design at an affordable price.

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Take advantage of efficient features focusing entirely on CRM features with a user-friendly design.

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Don’t get bogged down with different product packages and payment plans. Enjoy all features in one plan.

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Contact us as you wish through many communication channels designed according to your preferences and priorities.

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Access your CRM software anytime and anywhere with our cloud-based CRM infrastructure and mobile compatibility.

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Enjoy the protection of your data with the most advanced security procedures and encryption systems of our time.

Minimum CRM,
Maximum Experience!
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Affordable CRM software:
Get all CRM features with a single subscription plan

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Most CRM systems offer pricing with various subscription plans. This creates confusion when you are considering the CRM prices and deciding on the right choice for you. Minimum CRM is an affordable CRM program that offers all the features in a single subscription plan. So you don’t get bogged down between plans, you get all the features for one price.

Enjoy the maximum added value with minimum investment!

3,99 Monthly fee per user
Paid annually.
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CRM software that offers advanced features at affordable prices

As Minimum CRM, we believe that the cost of success should not be high.

You do not have to undertake big-budget investments to improve your sales management and increase customer satisfaction.

Take your company to the next level with Minimum CRM, the most affordable CRM software considering the value it delivers. Get all the CRM features you are looking for at an affordable price in a single subscription plan.

One all-inclusive price plan:

You will not face with hidden or additional charges.

While using Minimum CRM, you will not face with unprecedented costs under the name of the installation, maintenance, etc. You always have free access to technical support and training.

Enjoy the maximum experience with Minimum CRM

One month free CRM software to get a comprehensive overview of all its features. No credit cards or contracts required

Increase your sales with comprehensive CRM features

CRM software for sales management
Increase your revenue potential by managing sales deals 

Offer the right product to the right customer by managing your sales deals effectively through the sales pipeline. Track the sales stages, deadlines and priority levels of your sales deals on the sales pipeline Kanban board.

Make convincing offers and increase your revenue by analyzing your customers’ purchasing behaviour in previous deals. Evaluate your sales metrics on the dashboards and develop actions to improve your sales. Track the sales performance of your products and make a difference in sales management.

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CRM software for customer management
Know all the details about your customers

Gather all the vital customer information on a single platform. Plan effective customer relations management strategies by studying the companies and contacts you work with in-depth. Stand out in customer relations with Minimum CRM.

Maintain the relationship management with your target customers at the best level possible. Let your team access the information of the companies and contacts without losing time. Support your decision-making process by analyzing company and contact information in one place.

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CRM software for communication management
Manage your communication in one place and do not miss the details

Maximize your communication with your team and target audience. Easily follow your team and be informed instantly about the latest situation in the field.

Manage customer communication seamlessly from a central platform. Track your team effectively through the activities assigned and keep their task performance at the highest level.

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Custom CRM software to meet your business needs
Design your system in line with your business

Do not be obliged to change your processes to meet the requirements of the software you use. Customize Minimum CRM software according to your business. Carry out the CRM management as you like.

Configure your system according to your needs with custom fields and language options to make it compatible with your business.

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CRM software for reporting
Make data-driven decisions that matter to your business

Analyze your sales performance and field efficiency comprehensively. Get detailed insights about your business and your team with reports generated according to your preferences. Minimum CRM is a sales CRM software to help you track the most crucial metrics.

Examine your information from different perspectives using a wide variety of criteria and make critical decisions based on data.

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CRM software with the maximum security
Protect your data with our advanced security infrastructure

Your data stored in the cloud environment is protected by the most advanced security methods of our age. Access the most effective security in data transfer and storage.

Enjoy the benefits of using an online CRM software. Design your team’s access to data in line with your business. Thanks to Maximum Security, you don’t need to worry about your data anymore.

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Enjoy the maximum experience with Minimum CRM

One month free CRM software to get a comprehensive overview of all its features. No credit cards or contracts required

Seamlessly access your CRM system anytime, anywhere

Avoid getting lost in local files with the cloud-based Minimum CRM

Enjoy using an online CRM software

Enjoy using Minimum CRM on mobile.

With Minimum CRM designed to give you the best experience in mobile use, you can easily follow and manage your business from anywhere you can access the internet. Thus, you are one step ahead in customer relationship management.

Ready-to-use, cloud-based CRM software
Cloud-based CRM

Unlike on-premise CRM software, you can always access Minimum CRM, which is a cloud-based CRM system. Your data is securely stored in the cloud CRM software so you can share it with any teammate whenever you want.

Enjoy the maximum experience with Minimum CRM

One month free CRM software to get a comprehensive overview of all its features. No credit cards or contracts required

Get all the features in a single subscription plan

Most CRM programs offer pricing with complex plan details. Minimum CRM is an affordable CRM software that offers all features in a single plan.

3,99 Monthly fee per user
Paid annually.
Maximum Support

We have created a comprehensive knowledge centre to help you master the use of Minimum CRM quickly and take a look when you need to.


Doğru Satış Süreci Yönetiminin Şirketinize Sunduğu 4 Önemli Katkı
Doğru Satış Süreci Yönetiminin Şirketinize Sunduğu 4 Önemli Katkı

Satışlar bir şirketin varlığı için en kritik konuların başında gelmektedir. Bununla birlikte çoğu şirkette satış süreci yönetimi kendi dinamizmi içinde incelenmektedir. Hızlı değişen koşullar ve gerçekleşmesi istenen çok sayıda hedef neticesinde satış yönetimi çoğu zaman anlık beliren ihtiyaçların ve bir anda aciliyeti artan konuların takibinden öteye gidememektedir.

CRM Yazılımına Neden İhtiyacınız Var? CRM kullanımı için 3 önemli sebep
CRM Yazılımına Neden İhtiyacınız Var? CRM kullanımı için 3 önemli sebep

CRM programı veya müşteri ilişkileri yönetimi sistemi terimleri, müşteriler ve potansiyel müşterilerle olan etkileşimleri takip etmenize yardım eden bir yazılımı ifade eder.
Bir CRM yazılımı; firma veya ilgili kişilerin iletişim bilgilerini, ünvanlarını, adreslerini, web sitelerini veya şirket işleyişinize göre eklediğiniz özel tanımlı alanlarla ilgili ...

CRM Nedir?
CRM Nedir?

CRM yazılımları şirketinizin müşteri ilişkileri yönetimini dijital olarak yapabilmesini sağlayan uygulamalardır. CRM programı veya CRM sistemi olarak da adlandırılırlar.
Müşteri verilerinizi dijital ortamda tutmaktan öte başarılı CRM yazılımları; satışa yönelik aktiviteler, sunulan teklifler, satılan veya önerilen ürünlere ait detaylar, fiyatlar ve kontak kişiler gibi önemli verilerin tek bir merkezden ...

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