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Minimum CRM,
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Fully-featured CRM software that helps growing sales without spending a fortune.
Minimum CRM system lets you achieve more without frustration.

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Easily manage your sales with drag & drop sales pipeline

Your deals are precious, get the most out of them

Minimum CRM program makes it easier to focus on your sales pipeline. You can track the priorities and deadlines of your deals via visual indicators. You can move your sales deals through stages and gain full control over your sales pipeline.

You can check your performance with the sales dashboard. You can also filter deals according to many criteria. Minimum CRM is a user-friendly CRM system that helps you make data-driven decisions.

Increase your sales with comprehensive and easy-to-use CRM features

CRM software for sales management
Awaken the sales giant within 

Be a sales guru with Minimum CRM platform. Track the stages, deadlines and priority levels of your sales deals on the sales pipeline. Enjoy easy CRM interface while managing your sales.

Be able to make convincing offers based on your customers’ purchase behaviour. Evaluate your sales metrics on the dashboards and develop actions.

Sales Management
CRM software for customer management
Know who you are selling to and keep tracking

Gather all the vital customer information on a single platform. Plan effective customer relations management strategies.

Maintain close relations with your customers. Support your decision-making process by analyzing customer information in one place.

Customer Management
CRM software for communication management
Manage your communication in one place

Maximize your communication with your team and target audience. Easy CRM system helps you to follow your team and be informed instantly.

Manage customer communication seamlessly from a central platform. Track your team effectively through the activities assigned from anywhere thanks to cloud CRM tool. Keep their task performance at the highest level.

Communication Management
Custom CRM software to meet your business needs
Design your system in line with your business

Do not be obliged to change your processes to meet the requirements of the software you use. Customize Minimum CRM program according to your business.

Configure your online CRM solution according to your needs with custom fields and language options to make it compatible with your business.

CRM software for reporting
Make data-driven decisions that matter to your business

Analyze your sales performance and field efficiency comprehensively. Get detailed insights about your business with custom generated reports via a simple CRM interface. Minimum CRM is a mobile CRM software to help you track the most crucial metrics from anywhere.

Approach your data from different perspectives using a wide variety of filtering criteria.

CRM software with the maximum security
Protect your data with the best security

Your data is protected by the most advanced security methods of our age. You can also download your daily data back-up and restore previous versions for free.

Enjoy the benefits of using a secure online CRM software. Design your team’s access to data in line with your business. Thanks to Maximum Security, you don’t need to worry about your data anymore.

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Manage your customers’ contact information with one click.

All phone numbers and e-mail addresses of your customers that you create in the minimum CRM are automatically transferred to your IYS Panel account. You can manage this contact information via IYS Panel and transfer it to e-government with a single click.

What is IYS Panel?

İYS Panel is a platform where you can manage all communication permissions of your customers and send communication permissions to e-government. In the IYS Panel, you can send the contact information manually or transfer it with excel files.

More Details

A man enjoying the CRM software with the best prices

Create forms, initiate business processes, let Minimum CRM do the rest.

You can create forms that fit your needs with minimal CRM, You can plan and start the forms you create as part of a business process.

When the process starts, it works automatically according to the rules you set and notifications are sent to the people involved in the process. When the person at the relevant step of the process completes and approves the activity related to the process, the business process is transferred to the next person and continues in this direction.

All control of business processes is in the manager and he can see at what stage the processes are. It can restart or terminate the process.

Man wondering among CRM software alternatives to find Minimum CRM instead

Automate your manual processes with workflows.

Doing some operations manually in CRM applications is quite tiring and wastes a lot of time. By using the Workflow Robot developed by Minimum CRM, you get rid of manual processes.

For example; When a contact information is added to the minimum CRM, a search activity related to this customer can be automatically created for a customer representative. Likewise, when a record you specify in Minimum CRM is changed, you can automatically send an e-mail, update another field, start a business process or create an activity.

Enjoy the maximum experience with Minimum CRM

Manage your sales processes end-to-end with cloud-based Minimum CRM. And completely FREE for up to 100 users. Start with your free account today.

Maximum Experience

The minimal CRM solution offers advanced CRM features for free with an easy-to-use CRM system interface.

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Take advantage of extensive features with a user-friendly CRM program design.

CRM software maximum added value icon

Don’t get bogged down with different product packages and payment plans. Enjoy all features in one plan.

CRM software maximum tech support icon

Contact us as you wish through many communication channels designed according to your preferences and priorities.

CRM software maximum access icon

Access your CRM software anytime and anywhere with our cloud-based CRM platform infrastructure and mobile compatibility.

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Enjoy the protection of your data with the most advanced security procedures and encryption systems of our time.

Minimum CRM,
Maximum Experience!
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The most affordable CRM software:
Get all CRM features with a single subscription plan

Man wondering among CRM software alternatives to find Minimum CRM instead

Most cloud CRM systems offer pricing with various subscription plans. It gets confusing when deciding on the right customer relationship management solution.

Minimum CRM is an affordable CRM program that offers all the features in a single subscription plan. So you don’t get bogged down between plans, you get all the features for a single price.

Enjoy the maximum added value with minimum investment!

7,99 Monthly fee per user
Paid annually.
A man enjoying the CRM software with the best prices

The low-cost CRM software with advanced features

As Minimum CRM, we believe that the cost of success should not be high.

A great CRM solution should not cost an arm and leg. There is a way to do more for less.

Take your company to the next level with Minimum CRM, the most affordable CRM system considering the value it delivers. Get all the user-friendly CRM features you are looking for at an affordable price in a single subscription plan.

All-inclusive CRM price plan:

No hidden or extra charges.

While using Minimum CRM tool, you will not face any unprecedented costs under the name of the installation, maintenance, etc. You always have free access to technical support and training.

Seamlessly access your cloud CRM system anytime, anywhere

Avoid getting lost in local files with the cloud-based Minimum CRM

Enjoy using an online CRM software

Enjoy using Minimum CRM platform on mobile.

With Minimum CRM tool designed to give you the best experience in mobile use, you can easily follow and manage your business from anywhere you can access the internet. Thus, you are one step ahead in customer relationship management.

Ready-to-use, cloud-based CRM software
Cloud-based CRM tool

Unlike on-premise CRM software you can always access Minimum CRM, which is a cloud-based CRM system. Your data is securely stored in the cloud CRM software so you can share it with any teammate whenever you want.

Maximum Support

We have created a comprehensive knowledge centre to help you master the use of Minimum CRM solution quickly and take a look when you need to.

Get all CRM features
with a single subscription plan

Most cloud CRM systems offer pricing with various subscription plans. Minimum CRM is an affordable CRM program that offers all the features in a single subscription plan.

7,99 Monthly fee per user
Paid annually.


Why CRM For Small Businesses?
Why CRM For Small Businesses?

Customers are the backbone of any business. Since a business needs more customers to grow, your company needs to have excellent customer relationship management to attract new customers and keep them. Thus, CRM software is your number one supporter in the journey of expanding your company. In the end, this software does exactly what it says on the tin – helps you manage customer relations. While CRM software is popular among large companies, SMEs are more hesitant about using CRM tools.

Why Is CRM Important For Real Estate Business?
Why Is CRM Important For Real Estate Business?

In today’s competitive environment, CRM systems don’t only compete with each other in terms of functionality but also in terms of high prices. Thus, small and medium-sized enterprises are expected to invest a vast sum of money in CRM tools, which means going to great expense to boost their sales. While large software companies can sell their products to other large companies in need of CRM systems, they don’t care much about SMEs.

Why do CRM systems let you down?
Why do CRM systems let you down?

So, with this being the case, companies prefer purchasing CRM systems with the expectation of making job tracking easier and increasing efficiency but do things go as expected? Mostly, the answer is ‘no.’ One of the main reasons it is hard to find easy CRM software. Minimum CRM was designed considering all the disadvantages of the common CRM software and eliminated those challenges. Minimum CRM is the easiest to use CRM software among the other CRM systems with its user-friendly interface.

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