Sales Management: Managing the Sales Pipeline

Track all your sales deals simultaneously in one place. Present convincing offers and increase your revenues by tracking your customers’ purchasing preferences in previous sales deals. Increase your sales performance by intervening where necessary. Analyze values in the sales pipeline table and make outstanding decisions in sales management by filtering your sales deals according to many criteria.

Sales management made easy.

With its simple design, Minimum CRM helps you manage your sales process with ease. You won’t waste time on complex charts or have to verify the situation with your team repetitively. Besides, you can see the sales deals on your agenda and the sales potential you have for future periods. Minimum CRM is a complete sales CRM software helping you to make better sales decisions.

Sales management with visual sales pipeline.

In the sales pipeline view, your sales deals grouped by sales stage. The total number of deals and the expected total value of the relevant sales stage given under the stage titles. Thus, you can easily control the details. With the drag and drop feature, deals are easy to manage in the sales pipeline.

Follow with the power of colors. Visual sales management.

You can easily track your deals thanks to the colour identifiers that are bought according to the estimated closing date and priorities of the sales deals in the sales process, and you can stand out in sales management by taking timely action at the necessary points.

Product management

Manage your products and update all features and prices from a single point to ensure that your team is at the same level of knowledge. Access all information on your products easily through Minimum CRM product management module. Track the performance of your products with detailed reports

Manage your product performance to enhance sales management.

Add your products to the deals. Support sales management by ensuring that the right products are offered to the right customers at the right sales deal. Based on the results, optimize your products and deal strategies based on detailed reports.

Manage your products from a single point and be successful in sales management.

Free yourself from constantly sharing your product information with your teammates and getting lost in files while answering your customers’ questions. Ensure that the changes are immediately followed by all users thanks to managing your products in one place.

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