Product Module for Product Management

It is the screen where you can track the table where your products are listed. By adding or removing new columns in addition to existing ones, you can analyze your data in the way you want. Thanks to the product-oriented CRM functions, you can make your products stand out from the competition.

You can also detail the list of your current products with searches and filters.

Product management screen to view all your products in one place.

Proper product management is one of the most important factors that increase your success. Besides, the fact that product information is accurate, up-to-date and accessible from a single point increases your productivity with a great extent.

As an example, let’s assume a scenario where you are in charge of product management in a company that has a product range consisting of many different items. Keeping the prices and specifications of thousands of products in local files is both very risky and inefficient in terms of data sharing. Let’s say you go for a price change for a product category. Without Minimum CRM, you need to create many different files and start heavy e-mail traffic to share these changes with all your field workers. Besides, the process will not end here and you will face many problems such as e-mails not received, files not being attached or loss of the file by the person receiving the e-mail.

However, in Minimum CRM, the most up-to-date information about the product can be added to the system effortlessly and anyone concerned can access this information. Thus, you can contribute to the efficiency of your product management and internal communication.

Click the Add Product button to open the new record creation screen.

The fields marked with * in the next screen are mandatory fields; In addition, some of the other important areas are as follows.

Product price: This is the sales price of the product. You can add product prices for different currencies by clicking + button.

Lastly, you can define all the fields that you think are missing depending on your business structure, from the Add Custom Fields section in the settings section.

You can also import your products to Minimum CRM via Excel.

Add new products easily to enhance your product management.
Easy CRM solution to edit records on a comprehensive product management module.

You can select and edit the relevant product from the table, and revise new or changing information.

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