Batch CRM Data Management: Import

– Please note that your Microsoft Excel document is saved with the (.xlsx) extension while transferring data to the Minimum CRM.

– Enter all the necessary information in the relevant rows, so that in new imports, information about all records will be placed in the CRM system by matching the corresponding field name in the column. For this, you need to match the column headings of the file that you will import to the Minimum CRM with the module headers at the data transfer interface.

– Then select the “Add as New Record” option on the interface.

– Then you can easily finish the import.

Note: While creating your transfer file, you can access a ready-made template by performing an export in the module. Open the CSV file downloaded to your local disk and save it as .xlsx extension. If the field name you are looking for is not included in the template, you can add it as a new column by yourself.

Toplu Veri Yönetimi

Assigning contacts to the companies in data imports

You can facilitate assigning contacts to the companies by arranging contact records accordingly in the import file. Thus, you can both import companies and assign contacts to them simultaneously. You will not lose time by manually assigning contacts to the companies.

For this, you must first export your existing companies in the companies module. You need to match the data in the column containing the CRM system identification numbers (ID) of the companies in the downloaded file to the relevant company column in the contacts file you will import.

In other words, if you want to match Contact A to Company B, you must first add the ID of Company B to the Related Company field in the row where the Contact A is located. With this logic, you can perform the transaction by typing the IDs of company B in the relevant company fields of all the people you want to identify to company B. We recommend using the VLOOKUP function of MS Excel for files with a large number of records.

Batch Data Update

When you want to add new lines of information for each record simultaneously, or when you want to update the fields that can vary very often and differ for each record, such as the product price at one go; you use batch data update. Alternatively, when you define a new custom field on your module card, you can use the batch data update feature of Minimum CRM to fill all new information without having to enter the details to each record one by one.

– Minimum CRM uses CRM system identification numbers (IDs) to update existing records. To access the IDs of your existing records and make the necessary changes, you have to export the data in the relevant module to your local disk.

– Save the downloaded CSV file with the .xlsx extension. If the field name you are looking for is not included in the template, you can add it as a new column.

– Enter all the necessary information in the relevant rows. The information about all records will be updated in the CRM system by matching the module field names with the corresponding column headers. To achieve this, select the “Update Existing Records” option in the Minimum CRM transfer interface. If there are new records in your list, you can select the “Both” option.

Then you can easily make your transfers.

Important Rules

The following rules are extremely crucial when importing an excel file.

-Date-based fields should use Day / Month / Year (eg: 21/05/2020) format.

Tarih Öta

-If there will be decimal value entries in money and digital fields, a period (.) should be used when separating the decimals.

Numeric Öta

-For entries that you will make based on the number or phone (telephone, identification number, product code, dealer number, etc.), if the number in question starts with zero, be sure to format the cells as text when importing. Thus, your number will be imported as leading with zero.

-In single selection based fields, row values ​​of the options should be written in square brackets. For example; The sector in which the firm is located will be indicated in a single selection field. Consider the options are as follows:



*Plastic injection

For example; if you want to set the company in the relevant row as to be in the printing sector during the import, then enter [0] to the relevant cell.

CRM sistemi Tekli Öta

-For multiple choice-based fields, more than one option can be entered by typing the corresponding rank value with commas in square brackets. For example, consider a scenario where the features of a product will be entered. The options are as follows:

*Resistance to the outdoor environment


*Resistant to heat change


*Easy to install

If it is desired to state that the product in the relevant row has the following features; resistance to the outdoor environment, waterproof and easy to install, the values ​​corresponding to these features should be entered in the relevant cell as follows. [0, 1, 4]

Çoklu Öta

-Minimum CRM system is based on identification numbers (IDs) in updating contact and company based custom fields. If a contact or company-based custom field is to be defined for a record, the ID of the contact or company to be defined must be entered in the relevant cell of the excel file.

Let’s consider this scenario. By defining a contact-based custom field in the Companies module, you want to indicate who undertakes the decision-maker role. In the Excel file to be imported to the CRM system, you will need to enter the IDs of the relevant contacts in the corresponding decision-maker cells in the company rows you want to make changes.
For example, if the contact who is the decision-maker in the ACME company is John Doe, the CRM system identification number (ID) of John Doe should be written on the row of ACME company.

To obtain John Doe’s (contact record’s) CRM system ID number, simply export the records in the contacts module and enter the contents of the ID cell corresponding to the John Doe row into the cell in the file you will import. You can also use Excel’s VLOOKUP formula for this process.

Id'li Öta

-A contact record can be associated with only one company record. Pay attention to this detail in the file you will import.

-In the transfer of user-based fields, the Minimum CRM system identification numbers (ID) of the users must be entered in the relevant cells. It is enough to download the list of users defined in the CRM system with the Export Users button in the User Management section of the Settings module and enter the corresponding user’s ID in the excel file.

Kullanıcı Listesi For example, you want to give the ownership of certain companies to a user named Alice Smith, in this case, you must first export the companies from the Companies module. Then, in the User Management section of the Settings, you have to download your user list with the Export Users button. After placing the content in the ID cell of the row belonging to Alice Smith in the “Owner” field of the companies and importing, you can transfer the ownership of the companies to Alice Smith.

Kullanıcı Id'si

-While entering the ID cells, it is okay to add the part in front of the alphanumeric value in parentheses.

Kullanıcı Sistem Çıktısı

-In all imports, mandatory fields should be mapped to the relevant column headers.

-In the records to be imported to the companies module, the cells corresponding to the Company Type and Status columns must be filled and only contain the following statements. Otherwise, the import will be incorrect.


Customer Candidate



Zorunlu Özel alanlar
-In the records to be imported to the Products module, the cells corresponding to the Status column must be filled and contain only the following statements. Otherwise, the import will be incorrect.



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