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Most CRM systems offer pricing with numerous plans and complicated details. Minimum CRM is an affordable all-in-one CRM software that provides all CRM features in a single payment plan. So you don’t get bogged down with various plans and get all of the CRM features for one price. Enjoy the maximum added value with minimum investment!
Affordable CRM system with annual subscription plan.
  • Monthly fee per user
  • Paid annually
Affordable CRM with monthly subscription option.
  • Monthly fee per user
  • Paid monthly
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Affordable CRM system with low-costs.

Low-Cost CRM system

You don’t have to endure costly investments in order to increase your sales and customer satisfaction. You will get a fast return on your investment thanks to the reasonable prices of Minimum CRM.

Enjoy rich features with affordable CRM software.

Advanced Functions

Minimum CRM is the most affordable CRM solution that allows you to access advanced functions and superior user experience at a reasonable price. You don’t need to allocate a big budget for the advanced features you need.

Affordable CRM system with no hidden costs.

Transparent Pricing Policy

In Minimum CRM, you do not face unexpected costs for installation, maintenance or update. You always have free access to technical support and training.

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