CRM Security

Data security and privacy in Minimum CRM are the issues with the highest priority for us.
Minimum CRM is protected by the most advanced procedure and encryption systems of our age. Your company information is encrypted during the entire data exchange process and reaches us anonymously. Individuals or organizations other than the ones in your company can’t access your data. Minimum CRM constantly organizes meetings in order to identify and implement new developments regarding security and privacy.


Make yourself comfortable with maximum CRM security.

Data communication on Minimum CRM takes place with end-to-end encryption. All data communication and storage on the Minimum CRM software is encrypted with 256 Bit SSL security certificate and according to TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 protocols. Our SSL certificate is updated every three months, ensuring the highest level of CRM security.

All details are considered for the CRM security.

Data on Minimum CRM is updated regularly. Thus, you don’t need to worry about data loss. Minimum CRM databases are protected by the most advanced firewall software. All servers can be accessed for maintenance and management only after certain authentication procedures have been passed by personnel with the highest security clearance in specially secured areas. Digital access to the database can only be made over certain IP addresses. Another aspect of CRM security in Minimum CRM is that your data gets backed up daily. You can download those backups for free. Besides, you can also restore to a previous version with a single click for free given things go wrong.

Your payments are under protection to enhance CRM security.

All your payments and related information are made through the Iyzico payment system, which has the Level 1 PCI DSS security certificate, the highest level available.

Authorization Management

With advanced authorization management, you can differentiate your team at data access. You can manage user authorizations and set up your system to suit your business. In this way, you will not have doubts about CRM security.

Manage your authorizations to maximize CRM security.

You have full control of all authorizations in Minimum CRM. You can manage the teams by determining which authority group will perform which operation. You can easily perform authorization operations with the drag and drop feature and enhance your CRM security.

Batch Data Transfer

You can easily import your data to the system as a batch and also export it from the CRM system to the desktop. You don’t have to waste time on adding the entries one by one and prevent dire consequences that will be caused by small mistakes. Get the fast track through transferring from Excel to CRM.

Data transfer is easy!

Prepare the Microsoft Excel sheet containing your data and import it to Minimum CRM via the button specified in the relevant module. At the interface easily match your table headers and module field names and start the process. Add all the records you have into Minimum CRM quickly and prevent mistakes.

Batch Data Update

You can use batch data updating to update relevant fields in multiple records. You can easily update fields in one go without having to re-enter each record screen one by one. It is extremely useful when updating fields that vary greatly. This way, you can avoid manual errors will be avoided and secure data integrity.

Minimum CRM, Maximum Experience!Step into the maximum experience with Minimum CRM.

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