Basics of CRM management

1. Modules

Minimum CRM has modules in line with its functions.  They can be considered as the basics of CRM. Each CRM module is designed to manage a business function. For example, the companies module has been developed to track and manage your customers.

Minimum CRM offers you five main modules that you manage your business.

1.1. Deals

You manage your sales process in the deals module. You can track the deals with your customers and the status of the deals in the pipeline, and view your potential sales revenues.

1.2. Activities

The activities module includes the activities that are assigned to you or assigned by you. You can review the activities of your team, the completion status of the activities and the target dates.

1.3. Companies

It is the module that contains the data of customers and leads. You can view, enter and edit the information of companies and their related contacts.

1.4. Contacts

In this module, you can manage your contacts. You can handle the information about your contacts who have interacted with your company and identify the companies they are related.

1.5. Products

It is the module where you can manage the information and features regarding your products. You can add the products you define in this module to your deals and provide product-based offers to your customers.

2. Reports

Reports are also another major part in the basics of CRM. Thanks to reporting, you can make a comprehensive analysis of your company’s sales deals and activities, track performance and manage your company according to the metrics you set.

3. E-mail

It is the area where you match the Minimum CRM with your e-mail addresses. Your correspondence is automatically saved to the company or contact card where the e-mail address is registered. The correspondences you have with your customers whose e-mail address is on your system are recorded in the history section of the company detail, which gives you the ease of follow up for later. 

4. Settings

The settings area is another vital element in the basics of CRM management. It is used by the administrators. Custom Fields, User Management and E-mail settings are performed here.

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