Sales Team And Task Management

You may be thinking about how to manage a sales team. Thanks to the table you can see on the Minimum CRM activity screen, you can track and manage your activities or the activities of your team in the system. This screen works like a fully functional task management software. You can also detail your current activity list with searches and filters. By adding or removing new columns in addition to existing ones, you can track your data in the way you want. This way you can have a more refined approach for task management.

Activity management - task management

Activities can be created as call, task, appointment and e-mail types. In this way, you can classify your field activities to improve task management. You can also filter the current activities according to these activity types in the table. You can manage your activities on the basis of the activity status, schedule and realization times.

Again, you can make your review more specific with the Activity Owner, Activity Status and Activity Time filters on the screen.

task management of the daily activities

Thanks to the simple and comprehensive use of the activity table, you can track your work more efficiently and make plans that will contribute to the performance of your team. This way, you can increase the effectiveness of your task management.

For example, let’s assume a scenario where the month is closing and you would like to increase your sales. In this case, you can filter the customer visits your team will make in the next week, see how many customer visits are planned for which team member. Then you can give new ideas which will help increase sales to your friends who have fewer customer visits for next week. Thus, you will not only have more structured data for planned customer visits and but you can also have the foundation to create a plan to develop new sales deals.

Adding an Activity for task management

Click the Add Activity button to open the new record creation screen.

You can associate the relevant activity with an existing deal, company or contact. Apart from that, you can create activities that are completely independent of these concepts. (Ex.: task activity for market research)

Next, you can enter the subject of activity

Subject: It is the name that will help you keep track of the activity.

Planning Date: This is the date on which you plan the activity to be completed.

When: This is the time on which you plan the activity to be completed.

Time: This is the duration you think should be reserved for the activity.

Assigned: This is the person who will be responsible for the activity.

You may add necessary information in the note field.

You can create the activity by clicking the Save button.

Afterwards, when the activity is performed, you can update the activity as completed by toggling on the ‘Mark as done’ field.

Lastly, you can define all the areas that you think are missing on the screen depending on your business structure. You can enhance your CRM experience by adding custom fields in the settings section in order to avoid these missing fields. 

You can select and edit the relevant activity from the table, and add or update information.

Creation Date: It is the date when the activity was first created and is shown for information purposes.

When you come to the Edit Activity screen, you can access the company, deal and contact information related to your activity. You can also review the notes and correspondence dates about the activity on the same screen in order to avoid missing any detail in the task management.

Activity Editing

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