CRM Management – Basic Concepts

The Minimum CRM design process has been prepared by analyzing the problems experienced by the users while interacting with CRM systems. Minimum CRM aims to make the daily work life of the end-user more efficient. Minimum CRM is a project with a design goal that focuses on creating a CRM system, where users can quickly grasp its use on their own.

For this reason, although we do not think that you will visit this section very often, we know the importance of an efficient and comprehensive resource which can sometimes be used to get a quick response.

They are the main concepts that make up the structure of the Minimum CRM software. They are the first items and contents that the user encounters at CRM management.

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Deals Module in CRM Management

Deals Module

It is the module where deals are managed. Thanks to its easy-to-use drag and drop structure, you can move the deals on the sales pipeline between stages without an effort.

Activities Module in CRM Management

Activities Module

In this module, you can track your activities or manage the activities of your employees. The activities are vital elements in managing the efficiency of the business.

Companies Module in CRM Management

Companies Module

It is the module where you can manage the information about the companies that you have interacted. You can follow your customers and leads in this module.

Contacts Module in CRM Management

Contacts Module

You can enter the information of contacts who have interacted with your company and identify the companies they are related.

Product management in CRM Management

Products Module

In this module, you can manage the information and features of your products. You can add the products you define in this module to your deals and provide product-based offers to your customers.

Batch Data Management

In all conditions you deem necessary, you can import batch data to Minimum CRM via Microsoft Excel files, as well as perform batch data export from Minimum CRM to your local disk.

For batch data import you only have to match the headers of the module and the headers of the file that you will import to Minimum CRM.

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Thanks to reporting, you can make a comprehensive analysis of the deals and activities. Reports help you track performance and manage your company according to the metrics you set.


E-Mail Setup in CRM Management

E-Mail Setup

By matching your e-mail address with the Minimum CRM, you can track your e-mails and fully synchronize your inbox with all e-mail providers.

Add Custom Fields in CRM Management

Add Custom Fields

You can add custom fields suitable for your own workflows in all modules and configure the Minimum CRM according to your needs. You can reflect the changes in your processes faster.

User Management in CRM Management

User Management

On user management, you can determine the authorization levels of your employees, add new users to the system and access detailed information on their user status.

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