CRM software systems are applications that enable your company to manage customer relations digitally. They are also called CRM program or CRM system. In addition to keeping your customer data in a digital environment, successful CRM software systems are applications that enable the management of important data such as sales-oriented activities, offers, details of the products sold or recommended, prices and contacts and at the same time allow the tracking of sales and team performances with an effective reporting system. When used properly, CRM software is a very critical tool for determining strategies that increase your company's sales and customer satisfaction, as well as tracking the actions you take based on these strategies. While programs run from in-house servers were used by companies per the conditions of the time whey they became widespread for the first time, companies require to access their software from outside the office and on their mobile devices with the increasing need and deal to access data in our age. In this context, a cloud-based CRM software stands out as an accurate and effective solution.

In the following section, you can find an academic explanation for the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) discipline: "Customer Relationship Management is the process of carefully managing detailed information about customers and all customer" contact points "to maximize customer loyalty." (Kotler, 2003) Today's busy business life and complex workflows increase the importance of knowing customers, which is the most important resource for companies. In addition, the ability to take actions for the customer needs and demands based on data puts companies forward in increasing competition. Companies that know their customers offer the right products to their customers with the right deals. In this way, they satisfy their customers, and as the result of increased customer satisfaction, customer loyalty is also increased. Companies with a wide and loyal customer portfolio have a competitive advantage that cannot be easily overcome. Customer relationship management is a process that will ultimately affect your company's sales and profitability very positively.

About Minimum CRM

Below, you can find some of the benefits that the Minimum CRM offers to your company;
You collect all your customer, product and sales data at a central point. Thus, you no longer need to constantly share the same information with your team.
-You can manage all your field activities. Thus, you can increase your field efficiency.
-You can learn the developments and information on the field on time. Thus, you can take quick actions that will turn into sales.
-You can follow your sales deals simultaneously. Thus, you see how close you are to the result and you can take the necessary actions on time. -You can analyze your deals on real data based on date. Thus, you can submit more effective offers in your new deals.
- You can categorize the customers you work with according to the criteria you choose. Thus, you can increase your return by taking actions on categories.
- You can analyze your customer needs efficiently. Thus, you can offer effective deals to your customers and increase your sales.
- You can easily manage your conversations with your customers. Thus, you can increase your customer satisfaction and increase your customer loyalty by providing more effective returns to your customers.
-You can identify your leads and plan and follow up activities for them. Thus, you can easily win new customers and increase your sales.
-You can follow your product performances regularly. Thus, you can position your products correctly and increase your profitability.
-You can manage your company with reports. Thus, you can hold your meetings on real data and get effective results. You can visit our Maximum Competence page for detailed information.
Minimum CRM supports you in making critical decisions about your business and customers based on data easily. Differentiating from common CRM software, Minimum CRM prevents application confusion with its simple user interface, so your team does not have difficulty using the software and does not stop using it, which results with a continuous and healthy information flow to the center. There is a single plan application in Minimum CRM and all functions are presented in a single plan. Thus, you can access various features of Minimum CRM economically. You can manage your customer relations, team and sales better without assuming high investment costs and ultimately you will get a high return on your investment. You can safely manage your data from anywhere and anytime as Minimum CRM is a cloud-based software and has mobile applications.
Minimum CRM is an affiliate of Hermes İletişim A.Ş, which has been offering creative solutions in the areas of telecommunications, software and digital communications to leading corporate firms and public organizations in Turkey, since its incorporation in 2001.

Data Security

With advanced authorization management functionality of Minimum CRM, you can differentiate your team at data access and usage points and position them in existing authorization groups. Thus, you can manage user authorizations and set up your system in accordance with your workflow.
Your data is regularly backed up on Minimum CRM. Your data can be shared with you upon your request.
Data security and privacy in Minimum CRM are the highest priority for us. Minimum CRM is protected by the most advanced procedure and encryption systems of our age. All data communication and storage on the Minimum CRM software is encrypted with 256Bit SSL security certificate and according to TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 protocols. Our SSL certificate is updated every 3 months. You can visit our Maximum Security page for detailed information.

Trial and Subscription

No. No commitment is required for Minimum CRM subscription.

No, no credit card is required to create a free trial account.

Technical support and Training

The number of users depends entirely on your preferences and business requirements. You can purchase new user accounts for all your employees who you think should use Minimum CRM in your team.

You can easily transfer your existing data to Minimum CRM via Microsoft Excel templates. You can review our Data Transfer page for detailed information about transferring your existing data to your CRM system from the desktop.

Minimum CRM has a very user-friendly interface. During the design process, it was aimed that the users would be able to control the system even when they try the system on their own. On the other hand, we have created a comprehensive support section for you to help you master at Minimum CRM quickly and to be a reference point you can always refer to. Here you can find the contents of the User Guide. Besides, when you start using a software for the first time, we know the convenience of getting one-on-one support from an expert and you can get support by contacting us through many communication channels we have created for you.

No. Minimum CRM does not charge for its services in line with the goals it sets while creating a user-friendly and simple design. If you faced with a problem that was so difficult that it required charging you for the service you received, this design would be incompatible with our goals.

You can check many resources we have created for you on the comprehensive Support page of Minimum CRM and follow the tutorial videos. In addition, you can contact us via e-mail or the forms available on our website. For more detailed requests, you can call our call center or request an appointment for remote support.


Do I need to download a program to my computer in order to use Minimum CRM?

You can use Minimum CRM via the browsers on your tablet or smartphones with mobile compatibility.

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