Contact management to improve customer satisfaction

Contact management is one of the core areas of CRM software. You can keep track of all relevant records in the system thanks to the table you can see on the contacts screen. By adding or removing new columns in addition to existing ones, you can analyze your data in the way you want. Minimum CRM offers you the most effective contact management screen to help you improve customer satisfaction.

You can also refine your current contacts list with searches and filters.

contact management - main screen to see all contacts

You can use the contacts module as a strategic tool rather than an address book. Examining the contacts table in detail will help you plan actions that will bring you new deals. The proper contact management is the stepping stone of the big sales deals of the future.

As an example, let’s assume a scenario where you manage a B2B (business to business) company. You sustain a level below your sales target in a particular province. In your situation analysis, you determined that the reason for this was that you were not well-known by the companies in your target audience in the province in question.

You may want to develop an action addressing the purchasing managers of the companies in your target audience in order to strengthen the necessary relationships. At this point, you can list your contacts in the related province with the help of filters in the contacts table, and then identify those who are purchasing managers with the use of filters.

Thus, you can implement plans that will promote your company by using the contact information of these people.

Click the Add Contact button to open the new record creation screen.

The fields marked with * in the next screen are mandatory fields; You can create your contact record by filling the required fields.

Lastly, you can define all the fields that you think are missing depending on your business structure, from the Add Custom Fields section in the settings section.

contact management - add new contact records for tracking

You can select and edit the relevant contact from the table, and revise new or changing information.

When you access the edit contact screen, you can access the company information of the contact and examine the open deals related to the contact at the same time, you can follow the notes received and activities created regarding the contact on this screen. Thus, you can update these fields comprehensively and easily manage information about the contact from a single point.

contact management - edit contacts screen

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