Lead Management CRM System

Lead management is crucial for CRM systems. You can follow all your customers and leads in the system via the table you can see on the companies screen in Minimum CRM. By adding or removing new columns in addition to existing ones, you can analyze your data in the way you want. This way, you can enhance your lead management.

You can also detail your current companies list with searches and filters. With the Company Status filter, you can filter companies according to their active and passive statuses, and you can view the company records in Customer and Lead Status with the Company Type filter. This will help you to better analyze the companies you interact with and support your lead management process.

Lead Management Companies Screen

You can also use Minimal CRM as a lead management system. Examining your companies in detail helps you develop ideas that can use your potential better. You can increase your sales faster by developing clearer plans for the characteristics of the companies that you have categorized according to the criteria you want.

For example, let’s assume that you are an automobile spare parts distributor and offer products to garages. Suppose you are in a scenario where you supply a spare part from the manufacturer that can be used in off-road vehicles at an affordable price. In order to accelerate your sales, you can reach a more detailed target audience by filtering your customers who offer services for off-road vehicles from the company chart through filters.

You can increase your sales rates with special offers for them by examining criteria such as the number of customers you filter, their location or size.

Click the Add Company button to open the new record creation screen in the Companies Module.

The fields marked with * in the next screen are mandatory fields; In addition, some of the other important areas are as follows.

Related contact: These are the people working in the relevant company. You can define the contact records that you have already created in this field or you can create the person record practically through this field. You can add all people working in the company from this field.

Company Type: It is the field where you indicate that the company in question is a Customer or a Lead.

Lastly, you can define all the areas that you think are missing depending on your workflow, from the Add Custom Fields section in the settings section.

Lead Management - Add new company records to track them later

You can select and edit the relevant company from the chart, and revise new or changing information.

When you come to the edit company screen, you can access the relevant contact information and examine the open deals of the company. At the same time, you can follow the notes received and activities created regarding the company on this screen. Thus, you can update these fields comprehensively and easily manage information about the company in one place.

Lead Management - Company information editing screen

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