Customizable CRM software to meet requirements

Every business differs in the way they track information. You can add new custom fields that you need in your business processes in all modules. With these custom fields, you can increase your productivity by using your records in a more effective and customized way. Configure your system according to your needs with custom fields and language options to make it compatible with your business. Configure the forms and tables in all modules according to your preferences.

Customs fields as a part of a customizable CRM software

You can define custom fields to better reflect your business structure in Minimum CRM. You can select the custom fields you need from ready-made templates for all modules and add them as custom fields. You can set up your CRM implementation in a way that suits yourself. So you can enjoy the customizable CRM system.

Preference Based Table View in a customizable CRM system

You can customize your table view by choosing your column headings in the tables. Thus, you can work more efficiently on the tables and make a more effective analysis. Besides you can save the table views you set according to the topics you want to focus on. This way, you can easily deploy the selected table views later on.

Currencies and language options in a customizable CRM tool

You can use the Minimum CRM in different countries with the English language option and manage your business across borders. In addition, Minimum CRM supports various currencies.

Minimum CRM, Maximum Experience!Step into the maximum experience with Minimum CRM.

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