Company Management:
The foundation of customer relationship management

The companies you work and want to work with are among your most vital resources. Categorize companies according to the criteria you desire to manage these resources. Manage relationship and interaction with them efficiently from a single point. Make a difference in customer relationship management by using data for the right moves.

customer relationship management software; track companies

Easily identify which activities are on the agenda, which deals are on-going and which products are offered for the companies you are doing business with. Develop effective tactics with the most up-to-date information.

customer relationship management: Organize companies you work with

Examine detailed information about companies with ease. Update company-related changes quickly. Create result-oriented customer relationship management strategies by categorizing companies according to your criteria with the help of filters.

Contact Management

Your company meets many people throughout the business cycle. These contacts help you step into deals that will open new horizons for your company. In order to be successful in customer management, it is very critical to know your contacts well and to be able to manage information about them well. You will have an effective tool in customer relationship management with Minimum CRM.

Centrally manage all the information about your contacts to enhance customer relationship management

Decide with your team on which contacts can trigger which sales deals. Update the information and developments on the contacts centrally. Stand out in customer management by managing your activities and communications on your contacts with ease.

customer relationship management: Organize contacts by roles and titles

Organize contacts by their roles and titles. Then develop actions or communication plans based on those roles and titles. Easily follow contacts and your teammates according to the most up-to-date information.

Minimum CRM, Maximum Experience!Step into the maximum experience with Minimum CRM.

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