Activity Management

Easily access your team’s occupancy and current activities. Identify which teammate is performing which tasks without effort. Maximize productivity by assigning activities and tasks to your teammates. Increase your command on the field and improve sales team management by easily tracking completed activities. 

Activity Management - Manage your schedule

By assigning activities to your deals, companies or contacts, you can follow them all from a central point. By setting tasks on date and time basis, you can develop plans for your goals and measure the performance of your employees. You can use the Minimum CRM like task management software.

Activity Management - Filter your work load easily

By choosing the type of activity you will create, you can add it as a call, task, appointment or e-mail, and filter by type in the listing. The variety in activities enhances the quality of activity management. You can assign activities to other users and follow them mutually.

Activity Management - Do not miss any reminder

Get alerts with notifications so that you don’t miss any activities you have planned. You can also set reminders to better track your tasks. Increase the effectiveness of your activity management and ensure that your deals result with the goal desired!

E-mail Integration to support activity management

By automatically connecting your e-mails with contacts, companies or deals, you can follow every development instantly. Stand out in terms of communication management by using your e-mail more effectively. Support your sales deals with e-mail management in CRM and increase your sales!

Activity Management - Email Synchronization options

By matching your e-mail address with the Minimum CRM, you can track your e-mails and fully synchronize your inbox with all e-mail providers.

Besides, your correspondence is automatically saved to the company or contact card where the e-mail address is registered. In this way, you can make all your correspondence on a single interface without wasting time.

Activity Management - Increase your effectiveness with Smart E-Mail

This feature allows you to easily copy your correspondence to Minimum CRM using your personal “” e-mail address.

Independent of the e-mail provider, add this address as BCC. As a result, you can see all your outgoing e-mails in Minimum CRM and access the company or contact information to which the e-mail address is linked.

Also, the conversations you have with your customers whose e-mail address is on your system are recorded in the history section of the company detail, which gives you the ease of follow up for later.

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