The Story of Minimum CRM

While designing the Minimum CRM, we focused on the needs of the business world along with the technical competence of the system. We believe that CRM systems should support employees at decision-making rather than obligating them to strive to meet the requirements of CRM systems. However, we observed that many CRM solutions failed in terms of user experience due to their complex structures. That eventually causes users to give up data entry after a certain point. Besides, we realized that users had to need additional software in order to enable the continuity of their systems and support their efficiency.

Another issue we noticed was that users were trying to get results utilizing software or other methods under the name of Excel CRM or customer tracking program. The hustle and bustles as well as the rapid changes in our agenda make it crucial to simplify the work we do. On the other hand, the sophistication of our business processes prioritizes the need for people and solutions specialized in specific fields.

As a result of our research in this context, we reached to the conclusion that we could offer the highest benefit to our customers through a simple, easy-to-use CRM solution that focuses solely on CRM functionality. We value the benefits of a simple CRM design to the end-user. Besides, we have added many functions such as custom fields and preference-based reporting to our system to obtain a structure that each user can configure according to different usage demands.

We focused on creating a low-cost CRM system to provide maximum added value. As a result of our studies, we have implemented Minimum CRM, which supports you in making critical decisions about your business and customers based on data. While Minimum CRM assists you in making critical decisions about your business and customers based on data easily, it offers an ideal solution with an advantageous investment cost.

About Hermes İletişim

Hermes İletişim is a company established by curious people who came together in 2000 to produce creative and innovative solutions for the future of the communication and technology industry. Hermes İletişim supports its corporate customers with telecommunication, software and design solutions. Hermes İletişim is an organization that builds its employer brand value and growth strategies on its business partners in line with the vision of “being the leading communication and technology company in the sector, which will facilitate the lives of its customers with its innovative and different perspectives”.

Hermes İletişim, which has been sustaining its large-scale R&D investments within the scope of its product-oriented strategy since 2007, continues to bring its innovative solutions to its customers. Minimum CRM, which has emerged as one of the recent results of this strategy, introduces the support of Hermes İletişim, which has been serving many well-known organizations for many years with its expert software staff and support team and has the experience of working with different sectors.

Trust the experience gained from working with pioneers for years.

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