Graphic Reports

Sales Report diagram

You can examine your deals and activities in graphic view or numerical chart format. You can easily access total amounts or unit-based details from the report menus, and track your performance changing over time based on different criteria.

You can diversify your reports with setting breakdowns such as employee, company, date and many more. Reporting allows you to gain important insights into your activity management and sales metrics. You can excel in your sales performance management by analyzing your reports. You can also improve your field team efficiency with the help of activity reports.

Advanced Searches

Advanced Search in sales reports

Advanced searches are types of sales reports where you can examine your data in more granular detail by using multiple filters according to various criteria and defining consecutive conditions. This way, you can access very specific inferences and find insights that will make a difference. You can make your future strategic decisions based on data. Besides, this versatile sales reports tool helps you get free from preparing spreadsheets for each meeting.

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